Granülasyon Bölümü

Granulation Division

The perfectly mixed and degassed granules (pellets) produced by our Platex Extruders acquire better quality and resistance comparing to granules produced by other extruder machines.

The Planetary mixing system provides a fast transfer of the plastic mixture throughout the extruder offering an increase of production capacity and hourly rate of production.

Our Platex Extruders have been designed for easy assembly and dismantling, therefore cleaning can be done very easily after dismantling the 2 units of the extruder.

Soğutma Bölümü

This division was developed for granule production. Basically the granules are produced by cutting the final mixture which is pushed onto the rotary cutter-blades by the conveyor screw. Then, granules are transferred to the Cooling Sieve by a powerful cooling air-blower.

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