Planet Extruder Bölümleri

Planet Extruder Divisions

Our company offers two-stage planetary gear extruder having different discharging systems for different purposes and areas. This two-stage Planetary Extruder is formed by 3 main divisions.

Division 1: This parts has Feeding Unit. Which consists of the feeding-screw and barrel, carries the raw material into the planetary group, and the Planetary Group, which makes the processing the raw material.

Planet Extruder Bölüm 1


Division 2: Vacuum-Degassing Chamber where volatile gases are removed from the Plastic Mixture to ensure better product quality.

Planet Extruder Bölüm 2


Division 3: Discharge Unit which properly pushes out the plasticised and degassed mixture.

Planet Extruder Bölüm 3

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