About Us

Founded in 1981, our company started its manufacturing activity with cutting tools and gears. Planetary Group is the core of the Planet Extruders and basically consists of a planet barrell, a main spindle (the sun) and several satellite spindles (screws) which rotate together in harmony.

Our company has been supplying spare parts for many companies using planetary extruders in the plastic packaging industry (i.e. PVC film, sheet, panel, etc). The Planetary Extruders offer the most effective plastification technology for PVC. Our Planetary Extruders became a great success in the production of granulate raw materials. The biggest advantage of the Planetary Extruders is to ensure excellent plastification and homogeneous mixing of raw materials thereby eliminating all the eventual problems during further processing and extrusions.

Based on the demands of our customers and R&D work we carry out, our Planetary Extruders guarantee the highest quality production of Granulates (Pellets) at the production capacities of 800 to 1500 kg/hour for different such as Rigid PVC, Soft PVC, Tinned PVC, Transparent PVC, PE, PE+Composites etc. Platex Extruders consist of 2 Stage Extrusion Zones and can produce Hoses, Films, Window Gaskets, Profiles, Tubes, Furniture Edge Tapes, Plastic Veneers etc. using the necessary molds and Calendering Lines.