Planet Sistemin Yapısı

Planetary System Structure

Planetary Group is the core of the Planet Extruders and basically consists of a planet barrel, a main spindle (the sun) and several satellite spindles (screws) which rotate together in harmony.

The inner surface of the barrel and the outer surfaces of the satellite screws are formed of 45 degree helix thread. The planetary group made of special steel materials hardened by again special methods becomes more resistant against corrosion and wear.

Planetary extruder system compared to other extruder systems provides a better plastification thanks to the homogeneous and very efficient raw material mixing action. It can finish the processing on very short distance

Having a compact design, the planetary group in our Planet Extruder provides and easy and comfortable dismantling and cleaning for its operators. Due to the design of the Planetary Screws, the Planetary System has its own self-cleaning feature. The designed screw inside the barrel is continuously pushing the whole raw material forward; therefore no left-over product will remain in the Planetary Group. This provides a great convenience, especially for those users who are working with multiple colours.

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