Planet Sistem Redüktör

Takımsan Ltd. Şti.

Planetary System Gearboxes

The Planetary Gearboxes we manufacture in our factory, can smoothly and most efficiently transmit the power of electric motors to the Extruder Screws.


The electric motors consume less energy and convey more power due to less mechanical loading providing , so its saves energy for users.


All planet gearboxes and extruder screws are lubricated automatically and they work in harmony with each other.


Double section planetary gearboxes with 96-97% efficiency.


We manufacture 3 types of planetary gearboxes

- PR 250 (75-90-110kw motor size) - 1/19 ratio

- PR 150 (45-55kw motor size)- 1/16 ratio

- PR 100 (11-20kw motor size) - 1/12 ratio

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