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About Us

Our company was established in 1981 and started its activities as cutting tool and gear manufacturer therewithal is supplying spare parts for many companies using planetary extruders within the plastic industry (i.e. PVC film, sheet, panel, etc.) for the last 26 years.


We believed that there was a need for planetary extruders in the Turkish plastic sector, therefore our company started to manufacture planetary extruders and as yet our TAKIMSAN-PLATEX brand has proved its quality both locally and internationally.


The very efficient Planetary Extruders on PVC achieved a great success the pellets (granulated raw material) production. The biggest advantage of the Planetary Extruders is to ensure excellent plastification and homogeneous mixing of raw materials thereby eliminating all the eventual problems i.e. degassing during further processing and extrusions.


We complete the entire mechanical parts production and electronic assembly of the extruders at our factory where we also manufacture complete planetary gearboxes. The planetary gearboxes produced by our company assure substantial electric power savings and higher power transfer ratio compared to other traditional gearbox designs.


Based on the demands of our customers and the R&D works we carry out, our Planetary Extruders guarantee the highest quality production of granules (pellets) with high production capacity for different materials such as rigid PVC, soft PVC, Wood Plastic, Bio Plastic , Recycle Rubber, PE+CaCO, etc. Platex Extruders consist of 2 stage extrusion zones and by using the necessary tools (i.e. mould, cylinder lines, etc.) can also produce Hoses, Films, Window Gaskets, Profiles, Tubes, Furniture Edge Tapes, Plastic Veneers, etc. Our company is always open to all kind of Test and R&D works with our customers’ collaboration. We are expanding the Platex Extruder’s sale to customers in 5 continents.

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